I offer a diverse body of knowledge, experience and skill in psychophysical modalities to support you in your search for enhanced aliveness and well-being. Sessions can empower you to identify and release imbalances and blockages caused by stress, trauma or injury, initiating a process of healing into optimal health. 

Living a dynamic life requires continual adjustments and responses from us in order to maintain balance. Anxiety, phobias, depression, grief and other painful emotional patterns, especially when their intensity or frequency of occurrence overwhelms that balancing process, limits our sense of possibilities as well as our ability to act. Perhaps your core sense of self-identity itself is lost to beliefs, expectations and thoughts that are not even your own. 

I bring compassion and commitment to our work together.  All you may need is to be taught techniques to self-manage your issues as they arise, or to bring into awareness suppressed negative emotional experiences and memories from the past and how those events continue to impact your life today.      

Through a series of sessions we'll utilize a unique combination of counseling, bodywork, breath practices, meditation, chakra balancing and repair of your energetic field, aided by reiki and Matrix Energetic frequencies.  Homeopathic consultation and remedies are also available.  There is more detailed information under the Services link.   

Call 206-604-1208 for more information or to schedule an appointment.