Tapas Acupressure Technique

     Lightly contact  the area 1/ 8 inch above the inner corner of your eyes with your thumb and ring finger, and place the tip of the middle finger at the point midway between, and about 1/ 2 inch above, eyebrow level. All three finger tips are lightly touching the three points. Then place your other hand with the palm against the back of your skull just above the hairline. Both hands should be gently resting: no pressure is necessary.     

     The first time you ever do TAT, hold the TAT pose for one minute or so with your attention on this statement,  “I deserve to live and I can accept love, help, and healing.”  Then go on to the steps. While holding this pose:

Step 1) Identify and state the problem.
Step 2) Identify and state the opposite condition, in which the problem does not exist. For a trauma, the statement is “It happened, it’s over, I’m okay and I can relax.”  For a negative belief, state the opposite condition in your own words, as if this belief has no charge or power at all. For an allergy, the statement is “My body has no problem whatever with (... whatever the substance or allergen is).”
 Step 3) “All the origins of this problem are healing now” or if you wish “God, (or whatever name you use) thank you for healing all the origins of this problem."
Step 4) “All the places in my mind, body, and life where this problem has been held/ been stuck/ or has been resonating are healing now.”
Step 5) “All the parts of me that got something out of having this problem are healing now” or “God, or whatever name you use, thank you for healing all the parts of me that got something out of having this problem."
Step 6) “I forgive everyone I blamed for this problem, including God and myself.”
"Step 7) “I ask forgiveness of everyone I hurt because of this problem."  

     While doing each step, put your feeling and focus on the thought/statement. You don’t need to analyze the details. Each step should take about a minute, or until you feel done. Feeling done can be indicated by a sigh, a sense of not being engaged with the issue anymore, an energy release, or simply a feeling of being done.  

     Keep your TAT work (actually being in the TAT pose) to a maximum of twenty minutes per day. When you are done, give thanks (to God, or Divine Love, or to the vital life force which gives the healing). TAT is a practice of opening the gateway for the healing to occur. Drink 6-8 glasses of water on the days you do TAT.​ You may want to reflect, or take notes on your process.  

     If something is bothering you and you can’t identify it: “Whatever it is that’s bothering me is healing now”... and continue through the steps.     

     If you have unfinished business with someone, whether alive or dead, hold the TAT pose and have a conversation with them (silently or out loud).  If it feels right, ask and grant forgiveness.