BODYWORK sessions are a fusion of classical Swedish, Shiatsu, and Esalen style massage therapies, and also incorporate various techniques drawn from somatic and energy medicine modalities. My intention is to focus energy into and through the tissues to enhance the harmonic resonance between the physical body and its underlying vibrational core. I utilize contrasts: fluidity/focus, surface/depth, rhythm/stillness, to bring about greater relaxation and ease, and to restore the flow of vitality through the musculature and soft tissues of the body.

CHAKRA BALANCING, REPAIR AND RE-ALIGNMENT: The chakras are seven energetic vortices that transduce the vital force into the body chemistry through the endocrine system and nerve plexuses. Some compare them to CDs containing informational programs for our psychophysical systems as a whole. Their frequencies help us to be grounded in our bodies and on the earth, govern our creative and sexual experience, relate to our capacity for personal power, our openess to loving and being loved, communication and the power of self-expression, our intuitive abilities, and our connection with the divine source. The direction of their rotation, size and shape, diameter, and frequencies are indicators of our health and well-being, since this integrated system creates the electromagnetic field that surrounds us like a protective semi-permeable membrane, allowing the vital life force of the earth to merge with the spiritual energies of the cosmos. 

COUNSELING: My approach to counseling is client centered. I provide a safe and supportive environment to help you explore challenging issues, negative perceptions, and dysfunctional emotional patterns or behaviors in your personal and/or professional life.

HOMEOPATHY:  I am pleased to offer the matridonal series of homeopathic remedies, all of which relate to the central issue of self-identity, who we are in our pure essence: our core self.  The core self is who we are when we are born, before any of our experiences in the world, before being conditioned by expectations of others, or even the unfolding of potentialities or tendencies in our own genetic coding.         
A wide range of issues may be addressed through these remedies. Examples of these include, but are not limited to: depression, addictions, eating disorders, past or current abuse or victimization, generalized anxiety, respiratory problems, low self-esteem, ADD/ADHD, allergies and environmental illnesses, grief, porous boundaries, an impaired ability to create healthy attachments, etc. What is unique about this series as a whole is its potential to offer us a new beginning. This gentle yet radical pioneering work offers a method, a journey of returning to the very core of ourselves. We have an opportunity to retrieve, release, and re-claim our spirits, empowered by this alignment between our innermost being and its outer expression. This allows us to emerge into the world more truly alive, with greater clarity about who we are and to actively fulfill our purpose. 

Sessions are 90 minutes for $100.  Two-hour sessions are available for $140.